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You broke the boy in me, but you won’t break the man…

Seriously, you cannot fuck with the complete 80’s cheese that is this song.

I love it.


Heading home…

Map of the drive...

On Friday, the Hostagecalm office (and by office, I mean my bedroom) will be packed up in my father’s truck and moved from Columbia, MD to Scranton, Pa.

It’s not like it’s going to interrupt any sort of posts because hey, I never post anymore!

Internet will be coming soon.


Wake up! Time to die!

I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am that they are finally releasing a remastered version of Blade Runner on DVD. From what I’m reading, this is going to be one hell of a box set with THREE different versions of the film.

Too bad they didn’t give a release date with it.


I need a girl…

That thinks this would make a great wedding song.

Valentine by Chuck Ragan.

His new album, Feast or Famine comes out August 7th. Buy that shit.


The highlight of my week

Rich slut gets locked up

Normally I wouldn’t waste my time with posting about this tramp here, but this week made me happy, then angered me and pulled a 180 back into happyland.

Why am I happy about her going to jail? Am I some sort of complete sadist that thrives on the misery of others?

The simple answer would be “no.”

If this were some sort of mix up that a person that was wrongly accused being jailed, I wouldn’t feel this way but this is more a triumph of the American legal system.

This waste was driving drunk while on a license that was suspended because of a prior DUI.

That was this thing that most people call BREAKING THE LAW.

The other day, when I expressed my dismay that she was released from prison after serving a whopping two day sentence, an acquaintance told me she thought that the judge was making an example out of her. I definitely had to disagree there. This was nothing more than upholding the law. She was caught, she was sentenced. As simple as that. The only reason that people were outraged by this is because she is a celebrity and in this country, we give these people the preferential treatment. Remember OJ Simpson being found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife and her boyfriend? The only thing that they didn’t have was videotape of him killing them. His money and status got him the “dream” legal team that got him found not guilty. Speaking of which, exactly how hot are the flames of Hell, Cochrane? Keeping cozy?

That example right there shows that we put these people above the law. For what?

Millions of people are arrested, charged and locked up everyday? Why don’t they get their story as a headline on every newspaper or website as well? Oh, because no one cares. They’re not living the Hollywood lifestyle.

Do yourself a favor, before you get yourself wrapped up in someone else’s life, examine your own and be yourself. Don’t make idols out of whores, drug addicts and criminals. Don’t let their actions be a guide to how your life should be. You hear me, gangsta rap fans? Yea, I said it.

Live your life, for fucks sake.


My day as a cannibal…

A few weeks ago, I took part in my first low budget horror movie, Isle of the Damned.

My coworker had spoken of it and I was interested in it, so I figured that I’d take part.

After a long night of fighting some sort of illness brought on by a burrito, I woke up early to get going. We drove a bit to get to the location for the shoot. The three of us got there and met the cast and crew of the movie and had our introductions. We found out what scenes we would be shooting for the day and headed into the woods for filming.

Our costumes were some loincloths with nothing underneath, which on a chilly May morning really makes you reevaluate your dedication to film making. When your boys are practically non-existent because of the temperature, you almost want to go home and snuggle up in your bed. We also were wearing face paint that made us look like black metal rejects and were covered in flour to make it look like we were crusted in mud.

The one thing that you don’t really hear about with making movies is waiting around. 75% of the time that it takes making a movie. You wait, you drink water, smoke cigarettes, bullshit with people and then you do about 5 minutes of actual filming. It’s a tedious process, but a fun one, nonetheless.

In this movie, my character gets killed.


Due to a lack of available talent, they had to use me twice for death scenes. The first one was me getting shot in the head. Under the wig that I was wearing, there was a line for fake blood. It was your standard corn syrup and food coloring mix for it. What you don’t figure is the blinding effect that shit has when it gets in your eyes. For a few minutes afterwards, I couldn’t see anything. After washing my eyes out and regaining my vision, I stood around for an hour waiting to see what they were going to need me for next.

After eating some pizza, we reconvened and set up for my next scene. I was taking an ax to the skull with blood spraying everywhere. We got set up and did the scene. It was quick, easy and everyone that was watching saw my genitals. I’m glad that’s not going to be in the movie.

After a dash back to our town and a quick shower, we all went to work. Of course the eye makeup wouldn’t come off, so all three of us looked like we were wearing eyeliner to work. Well, a lot of questions were asked and a lot of talk about this occurred.

All in all, it was a good day. I hope to do it again.

My two coworkers that were there with me did both of their scenes. I missed them being filmed because I was watching all the gear making sure that nothing got stolen.