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Lovin’ you isn’t the right thing do…

I fucking love this song.


My favorite album of right now…

108 - A New Beat From A Dead Heart

I’ll admit that even when 108 was active in the 90’s, I had never paid much attention to them. It was connotation they had with being Krishna that kind of turned me off to them. I, like many others, didn’t know the first thing about Krishna consciousness. I think the correlation between spirituality and music is something that’s definitely tip-toed around or downright shoved in peoples faces. Much to my dismay, I found out that 108 were truly something unique after their demise.

Nearly ten years after their initial disbanding, there was a faint glimmer of a reunion in the form of Hellfest 2004. A lot of talk about the band surfaced, the older generation that got their message were ecstatic and the younger generation who hadn’t been exposed to them were about to get their first taste. That was until the whole festival was canceled.

Luckily, a few people in the Philadelphia area quickly set up two shows for the band to unleash their brand of fiery hardcore upon a new generation. The shows went so well that the band booked more and announced that they had indeed returned from the grave.

After releasing a demo CD recorded by their own Vic DiCara, the band was snatched up by Deathwish, Inc. A wise move on both of their parts. They entered God City Studio with Kurt Ballou and recorded their latest opus, A New Beat From A Dead Heart.

This album has been repeatedly kicking both the asses of my roommate and myself. To say that this album moves me is an understatement. The song which I’ll link to here soon is most certainly going to end up on my Top 10 songs of 2007 compilation CD.

108 – Three Hundred Liars [MP3]


One million colors, in one blind eye. Silence in the song I’m singing, whose words, want to cry. A symphony of deafness singing softly, so unreal. The soft, sweet caresses, you don’t care to feel. You don’t fit in. The hardest armor but so vulnerable inside and what you feel, and what you know, and what you love will die. You don’t fit in so break out. Three hundred liars, all with such fearful eyes. Afraid to look the wrong way and I sympathize. I sympathize.

Fuckin’ amazing.


Back home…

Mountains rule.

Well, I’m in my new place and that’s a view of what I get to see everyday.

I’m glad that I no longer live in the ‘Burbs. It’s nice to see mountains and stars everyday and night.