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Long time, no see…

As you can probably tell, I haven’t updated this thing in a long, long time. I’m not sure if that’s going to change. I still haven’t really committed myself fully to this whole website thing like I should have when I paid all this money for the domain and hosting and whatnot. If you come back here one day and see the site down, that’s probably a good indication that I am eternally lazy and don’t really have the ability to be a good webmaster.

Around here, things have been fairly good. I managed to get out of the job that I was at that I hated and get into something that seems like it’s going to be a lot better for me. I could go on a tirade about how my former employer is everything they say they are not, but that would be slander and we all know that I am not a person to slander anything! Actually, I don’t fear any sort of retribution because I’m over that place in a big, big way.

I also have an amazing girlfriend now. She manages to take up a lot of my time and I’m happy about it. If you’re so inclined, you can check out her photography at her Flickr site. If you’re into what she is doing and want portraits done, by all means, get in touch with her through that site. She does amazing work.

I’ve also been going to a lot of shows in the past few months. I have seen some great bands, made a lot of new friends and reconnected with a lot of old faces. The highlight was going to Lansdale, Pennsylvania to see Dysphoria do it one last time, as well as Strikeback and How It Ends. Seeing a band from Scotland called By My Hands tear the roof off the place. Hell, I even joined Delaware’s favorite moshers, Dead And Buried for a rendition of Sepultura’s Propaganda. It was like a high school reunion, only with a greater percentage of people that you give a shit about.

After that, it made me severely homesick and I realized that Pennsylvania is my home. I decided that when the lease is up on the house that I’m currently living in, it’s time to move back. It’s long overdue.

I’ve also taken steps into a healthier lifestyle. I’ve quit drinking coffee and I have gone vegan. So far so good. It’s tough, but I’m always up for a challenge. Next step (and probably the one that will make me a miserable bastard) is to quit smoking. It’s doing me no favors AT ALL. I kind of wish that I had never started, but since the Flux Capacitor is only a thing in the movies, I can only look ahead.

I will say one thing negative though. If you’re ever moshing at a show and you decide to run full force backwards, please, please, please make sure that you look to make sure that there are people back there or else you will meet a huge steel pillar and believe me, it will fuck your day up. It did it to me at the Ottobar in Baltimore not too long ago.

For real, fuck that thing.

Other site news…

– I have removed all the MP3’s from the site. I might put some more up in the future, but honestly, it was a lot of space I was using for stuff that wasn’t being downloaded. If I decide to get thing up and kicking again, perhaps you’ll see more.

– I might tack on a photography section for my girlfriend. If I do, I’ll post that shit here so everyone can see her work. If you checked out the link above, you’ll see that it needs it.

Other things…

– Kevin Federline (or K-Fed, if you’re gay) seriously needs to stop. After seeing his performance on Jay Leno the other night, I really want to punch that guy in the face. If given the chance, I would box him. Fuck him and that irredeemable dreck he calls “music.”

– The Philadelphia Flyers cannot win a game. This saddens me deeply.

Until next time,
– Eddie out.